Getting a sense of dimension

We’ve started adding our first 3d assets to Monadnock! It’s super exciting as it’s the first time either of us have worked in 3d at all.

Amygdala Greenlit on Steam!

It is with great excitement that we get to announce that Amygdala has been greenlit on Steam! Thankyou so much to everyone who voted. We’re absolutely blown away. Now we’re starting the task of updating Amygdala to make it compatible with steamworks. We’ve also been working on a new content patch which we will hopefully be able to drop around the same time we arrive on Steam.

Thankyou again to everyone for your support. We love you all.

Amygdala Launch Trailer

We have an awesome new trailer for Amygdala for you to check out!
Click here to get Amygdala!

Amygdala was released on Friday and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the game, which is great, but one thing we’ve noticed is that despite the fact that Amygdala is single player only people love to gather around it and holler and shout and root for the person playing. One of the best things we’ve seen during development has been the Let’s Play videos uploaded to the net by people playing the game and the awesome reaction some of those have received. In the hopes of fostering that community of people making and watching Amygdala videos we’re announcing a new promotion. Every Monday for the first year of Amygdala’s life we’ll be picking an Amygdala video from the community and giving it’s creator a free game key to use either for themselves (so they can buy get a copy of Amygdala for a different platform) or to give to friends or followers.

To submit videos to the competition just email us a link at All submissions will be listed on the community videos page and we will take community comments on videos into account when choosing the winners.

The first giveaway will happen on 27th of October so get cracking and let us know about your videos!

1 free game key given out every week for a year.
Email videos or questions to
Comment on videos to vote for them.
Submit new videos each week for more chances!

Amygdala Launched!

Amygdala has officially launched!

Last night, October 17th, at The Pad bar and lounge on Franklin Street Amygdala made it’s official debut. From five o’clock till late into the night people were trudging through magical realms, fighting wizards and dying hilariously and often.
For us the team it was really awesome seeing people get excited over the world we’ve been creating for the last year and half so thank you to everyone who came along.

We gave away three copies of the game over the course of the night.
First was for the first person to select “Finish the quest” and watch through the final cutscene: Rory!
The second went to a random viewer of the night’s twitch livestream: Blakesby!
And the third went to the player who gained the most amount of scrolls before midnight which was Peter with an impressive 18!

All in all it was  great night and we were really pleased to see everyone come along, enjoy the game and have a good time.


Warm up crowd for the Amygdala launch @thepadadelaide

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Amygdala Launch: October 17

Amygdala is officially being released on October 17 and a launch event will be happening at The Pad Bar & Lounge! All the PCs will have the game installed and there will be chances to win free copies for yourself!
Get all the event details on facebook:

Amygdala will be available on PC through the MachineSpirit website and Desura for $9.99 and on Android through the Google Play Store for $4.99.

We’re all super excited and nervous to bring you this fantastic adventure through the amazing worlds we’ve been crafting for you! See you on the 17th!

Amygdala Approaching Release

Our first game, Amygdala, is in preparing for it’s public release. It will be available in October this year, so prepare yourselves. In the meantime as we frantically prepare for release the alpha and beta test versions will be pulled down as we wrap up testing. If you want a taste of the game before release there will be playable demos available soon and you can check out let’s play videos of various different pretesting builds from  mrggggg243!

Amygdala in public Alpha stages

Amygdala is the Platformer that Acegiak, Floortile and Blackwool are currently working on. It’s just reached the public alpha stage so you can grab the latest version and playtest it if you like. We’d really love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions.


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