Mayan Prophecy of Doom; Excavated Ruins Unearth Chilling Predictions.

… A Shattering of Blocks, Mobs and Men …

Recently a team of experts have been studying the stone carvings on the temples unearthed in the far far reaches of the Southern Continents.

The ancient civilization Mayan Testificates that once built these vast temples and were believed to be adept astronomers. They studies the stars and moon shifts and are believed to have engineered the most accurate celestial calendars. Many experts have been alarmed to see a sudden and inexplicable termination of their calendar, at first believing in incomplete archaeological evidence… But now new evidence uncovered writings of a “Celestial Armageddon” an end of worlds!

If this ancient prediction comes to pass the “shattering of blocks, mobs and men” as alarmists are calling it will come to pass this 21 December 2012. Exactly what will come to pass is uncertain, but some predictions are that the over world will be pushed out of its phase and a cataclysmic collision with the Nether, shattering both worlds into the void.

$event = 1356091200;
$now = time()-(9.5*360);
$left = $event - $now;

$minutes = floor($left/60)%60;
$hours = floor($left/360)%24;
$days = floor($left/86400)%7;
$weeks = floor($left/604800);

echo strval($days)." days,
“.strval($hours).” hours
and “.strval($minutes).” minutes
till the end of this world and the birth of the next.”;

Probably just a rumour…

There appears to be a strange artifact or possibly more in the minecraft map, artifacts of mythic proportions. They are scattered across the multiverse and could possibly be others like it. From what we can tell these items once belonged to Dobby himself. These items were thought lost to the winds and tides of time.

These items are of mythic power, so while we investigate the origins of these artifacts urge anyone that finds these temples, caverns and flooded crypts that they take on a item of unequaled ability, and hence great power must be tempered with responsibility, or be corrupted by it.

Minecraft Map Wipe for wiLANga

Firstly, you can get the 1.3 map here:

It’s massive but once you’ve got it you can load it into single player or use any number of tools to extract your favourite bits. As you’ve probably Guessed the seed was “imagination” and large biomes was enabled.

Because that map has been stagnating a little and wiLANga is happening THIS WEEKEND
We’re gonna start a new map. We’re calling this map “tribe”. For more info on what it is, log on and see.

Also, this website and the minecraft server will be unavailable to the outside world for the period of wiLANga. If you want to be there for the start of the new map, join us there!

Team Fortress 2 – The Gray Mystery

For those of you who aren’t aware that this is happening in Valve world, I think it’s time you were brought up to speed.

First, Watch this:

Then read the documents in the hidden links in the bloodstains on the TF2 site:

The Will of Zepheniah Mann

The Mann Brothers Birth Certificates

Then Read this new comic:

Blood Brothers

THEN consider this:

  • Gray’s Name can be written as G. Mann
  • Blood brothers is about a BLACK Deed done atop a MESA in NEW MEXICO.

Thanks to this thread for the crazy dot connecting

The official video for this new TF2 update “Mann VS Machine” has been released. Although it doesn’t reveal any extra details (or none have been gleaned so far) it does show off some of the things we already knew, and it’s pretty badass.

This post will be updated with more crazy conspiracy theories at they arise.

There is a new explositional comic on the TF2 site
Although it’s largely elaborating on the new gametype

read it here:

When you’ve finished reading that, consider THIS:
[spoiler]Why are there scientists discussing battling alien hordes in a research laboratory setting? Admittedly that scene is, like many Saxton Hale comics, in a weird “is it real in the world of team fortress or is it metafiction?” realm, but it does seem like Valve is just sitting there going “Hey guys… haaaaalf liiiiiiife”[/spoiler]

1.3 Map Vote

When 1.3 comes out, there are two options for the current world:

Option 1:

We banish it into the abyss, bringing forth an entirely new world in it’s place. People will be able to pay a cost to have creations imported from the old world.

Option 2:

We keep the current map, but upgrade to 1.3 with it’s new biome code. This will cause a weird cliffy rift to form where old biome generation meets new and new features will only spawn in new areas. This encourages exploration into the distant lands which contain new features.

Option 3:

Not everyone likes change. Fuck the new features. Keep 1.2.4