Amygdala in public Alpha stages

Amygdala is the Platformer that Acegiak, Floortile and Blackwool are currently working on. It’s just reached the public alpha stage so you can grab the latest version and playtest it if you like. We’d really love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions.



  1. This is really cool! I noticed that if you shoot multiple bullets at a Sword Head he’ll freeze for a bit, then he flickers and he’ll freeze again, and so on. Don’t know if that’s something that needs fixing or if it’s intentional.

    Is there an objective coded in yet? I’ve been hopping around but haven’t come across the wizard (might just be me.)

    Also, I found out that a pooped brick won’t plug up a fire jet which it totally should. But all in all it’s coming together really well– great job!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brett! Shooting him from the front shouldn’t do anything, but he does sometimes do a flicker thing when he can’t decide between turning around because he’s facing a cliff/wall or following you anyway because he can see you? Otherwise I’m having trouble reproducing the behaviour.

      The wizard is implemented but it’s a bit of work to find him. Collecting gems expands your Eye which will give you an indication of which direction to look, but the levels have multiple paths and some of them are dead ends. When you find the wizard, defeat him to collect meat from him and then follow his new form through the portal that opens.

      Yes! Bricks totally need to stop fire and things like that! I’ve put that on my list for this week.

  2. not to mention that level size was set to 20 for this alpha? Which is major overkill, on average 20 would produce a level that would take at least 10-15 minutes (if level generation doesn’t bug up and make it impossible) to find the wizard. i’m thinking we should do a midweek bugfix release, since I’ve changed up some of the level generation code so it should almost never be impossible now. Still have lots of changes planned for this week though.
    Also I’d like to note that the android version is borderline impossible to play with the Mull and Swordhead, I had trouble before but now it’s just crazy hard. I feel that the controls are way too sensitive, especially the jump. I’ll try it on my mum’s phone, where it should run a bit better than on mine, but I’m thinking we need to get some on screen controls and have a menu with options and a config file soon. Other than that I am happy with this week’s alpha release. Haven’t had any feedback on facebook yet, but a couple of people liked the post and one shared it.

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