The Machinespirit Minecraft Server is hosted on dobby:

the address to connect to the minecraft server is : machinespirit.net

General game rules must be followed:

Minecraft Rules

You can view the overview map at: machinespirit.net:8123

The map’s been wiped a couple of times, these are known in-game as apocalypses. It is believed they are caused by Robby, the undergod.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that can be fairly intimidating at first. For newbies, check out these links:



If the server is in hardcore mode then death results in being banned from the server. Dobby can unban players who have died if you ask him to ressurect you by saying “dobby, rez me” or “dobby, rez suchandsuch” he will answer the prayer or not based on whether or not he likes the person praying or if enough people are praying for the same person to be rezzed.

Reputation with Dobby can be earned by being a friendly and active community member, chatting with people but not spamming, being polite and using good grammar and spelling. If you’re in a pinch, right clicking on a Dobby Shrine (lapis block on top of log) with a gold bar will sacrifice the gold bar for instant bonus rep. Remember that reputation is not a static currency, it continually changes based on your actions and Dobby’s overall mood.


  1. It’s a temp ban till the tenth. The point being that no one wants to play with people who do things like smite other players. Chris, if elliot shows you this, thanks for taking these things seriously. We hope that the server as a community can help provide postive role models and life lessons abou work and play with other people for our younger members. Our system of reprimands and punishments is in place to try and shape our community into a friendly, open and fun experience and to ellicict this type of appropriate behaviour from our players. You’re perfectly welcome augment this with real wprld consequences if you want to reinforce ideas about respecting others and their work online but it is not something we expect or assume when handing out our own decisions. If you’d like to provide feedback or thoughts you’re welcome to post here or email me at acegiak@gmail.com or even in game (I personlly think parents playing games with kids is an awesome thing).

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