The Server

The server address to connect to the Machinespirit Minecraft Server is:

General game rules must be followed:

  • Respect Other Players
  • Don’t Cheat
  • Help Keep The Server Beautiful


Machinespirit.net is vanilla client friendly the only mods are serverside. They are as follows:

  • Dynmap. The server map can be viewed at: machinespirit.net:8123
  • IRC: The server chat is linked to the #machinespirit irc channel on the foonetic network.
  • StorySpirit: Adds dynamically spawning dungeons, quests and minibosses. Crouch-Interact to talk to a villager.
  • ServerSpirit: Adds the ability to construct shrines to Dobby at which one can make sacrifices for his favour.


Dobby is a chatbot deity that watches over the server. You can talk to him in chat by formatting your messages as “Dobby, XXXX”

Dobby has an opinion about everyone which we refer to as “rep” or “devoutness”. It has a numerical value and can be seen at machinespirit.net/devoutleaderboard/

Dobby’s opinion of people changes over time based on a number of mysterious factors. He seems to like people who engage actively in polite conversations with other players. He also enjoys gifts sacrificed to him at shrines.

Dobby can grant a number of requests such as changing the weather or time of day, teleporting players or even granting people some items. Naturally he only does this for people he likes at the time and repeated requests quickly tax his patience.


That’s everything you need to know about the server. If you have any troubles just call out for Acegiak in chat and she’ll receive a phone notification and do her best to get to you as soon as possible.


  1. It’s a temp ban till the tenth. The point being that no one wants to play with people who do things like smite other players. Chris, if elliot shows you this, thanks for taking these things seriously. We hope that the server as a community can help provide postive role models and life lessons abou work and play with other people for our younger members. Our system of reprimands and punishments is in place to try and shape our community into a friendly, open and fun experience and to ellicict this type of appropriate behaviour from our players. You’re perfectly welcome augment this with real wprld consequences if you want to reinforce ideas about respecting others and their work online but it is not something we expect or assume when handing out our own decisions. If you’d like to provide feedback or thoughts you’re welcome to post here or email me at acegiak@gmail.com or even in game (I personlly think parents playing games with kids is an awesome thing).

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