Minecraft Rules

The Rules

Have Fun

That’s why we’re here. Anyone not found having fun will promptly be surrounded by the fun zombies. don’t resist

dobby.machinespirit.net Is a creative community of minecrafting that build some amazing, quaint, inspiring and downright incredible things. The world is run under normal survival conditions, so  teamwork, respect, hard work and an eye out for creepers will get you along swimmingly. you can view our progress any time via the online map and admins designated in red text, are always monitoring traffic and chatter via irc. currently /helpop which will request an on-line admins attention.

Respect other Players

This is a general treat other people in the way you would like to be treated. This includes how you talk to people and how you act. This is the main rule of all MachineSpirit sites and servers. if you’re following this then you won’t break the other rules.

Respect the Admins

The admins are charged with fixing problems and keeping the peace. Players are expected to make this as painless as possible for admins by complying with their instructions, being truthful with them at all time and not requesting intervention in trivial matters such as “Please give me X because I can’t be bothered getting it myself” or “Can you please teleport me to X” etc.

No Begging is an implicit part of these first two rules. Half the fun of minecraft is doing things yourself and begging annoys everyone, players and admins. Don’t do it. (This includes information begging such as “How do I do this? Please show me how to get stuff”)

Do not Murder

This should come under rule one but needs clarification as there are a few exceptions. Do not kill other players unless both players have agreed to fight each other or one of the players is the Juggernaut.

Do not Steal

Again, this is just an extension of rule one. Don’t take things from boxes, houses etc unless A) You put them there in the first place B)You pay for them using one of the shop systems or C)They are labeled as Public or Free.

Do not Vandalize

Another obvious one. Don’t break things you didn’t build. Try not to make things in the way of other people’s creations such as blocking a person’s view from their house without first talking to them or cutting off access to a construction. If you do accidentally break something or put something somewhere it shouldn’t go, mention it to the person you may have offended and organize to fix it.

Keep it Pretty

This server’s community are working together to create a virtual world that we can all enjoy together. Making giant square structures, pillars of dirt into the sky or sculptures of cocks ruins the aesthetic of the server and admins reserve the right to destroy anything deemed ugly. There’s no problem with making big fancy things but they need to be integrated into the landscape and scene rather than completely dominating the eyeline.

Things that immediately break this rule:

  • Cutting down the trunks of trees but leaving the tops hanging in the air.
  • Making pillars into the sky that don’t serve a purpose.
  • Building large single material shapes such as pyramids or cubes.

 Miscellaneous Guidelines:

  • Accepted client software is the default browser. If you wish to use a particular client side mod please request permission via the ticketing system.
  •  Use of your own user name and therefore, ownership of the user name is your express responsibility. Do not allow other users to use your account or know your login details.
  • Do not spam, advertise, abuse or entice using and of the chat functions.


In order to become a law abiding citizen on our Minecraft world you are required to follow the rules, have fun and be creative, social and prosper. Please inform an Admin you have read the rules.

Three Strikes:

Punishments for breaking the rules are decided arbitrarily by Admins but they usually follow a three strike rule with the third strike being banning the player. Intermediate strikes may include house arrest, muted, banishment to the prisons of the nether or being turned into a ghost, set on fire, temporary banned or just downright B&



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