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Machinespirit is a collective of game developers making the games their souls yearn for, based in South Australia.


Amygdala is a roguelike action platformer for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Shoot mind bullets, poop bricks, and explore surreal procedurally generated worlds as a disembodied head.
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We Are Seeds

We Are Seeds is a community building augmented reality game for mobile devices. It was developed for Resistjam, a game jam about resisting oppression. Players explore their local area with their mobile devices and plant messages of hope in flowers which then grow as others read them.
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Between Dreams

Between Dreams is a Powered By The Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game about reclaiming intimacy in the haunted everyday. It is inspired by magical realist fiction and in particular the works of Haruki Murakami as well as the fantasy films of Studio Ghibli.
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